Covid 19

Covid 19 

At Takecare drivng we have always been aware of the risk of infection inside the car, it is a very confined space windows are often closed where germs are circulated through heaters and air condition, pupils sometimes have coughs or colds not ill enough to cancel a driving lesson but never the less it could be enough to infect the vehicle.

We have always looked after the hygene within the car by continuosly wiping down between lessons driving from one lesson to the next with windows open whenever possible, spraying the car with disinfectant at the end of the day and regular valetting.

Now we have the added problem of covid 19 we need to do more for our protection. We will be taking any precautions that the government advise us but in the meantime we are preparing for when we can return to teaching.

When we restart we will make pupils aware that there is antibacteria wipes in the door well, along with gell for them to use as and when they feel it necessary, face masks will be provided,we will be spray the car with disinfectant between each lesson and the interior cleaned at the end of each day. We will ensure that when talking we will not be facing in the direction of the pupil.

We ask pupils to wash their hands before and after each lesson please, [we don't mind waiting a few minutes for you to do this]. On the subject of hand protection, we do not feel that disposable gloves are safe for driving , if you feel that you do need to protect your hands we sugest you provide your own gloves, preferably leather. If you have any symptoms cancel, you will not be charged for the lesson but please give as much notice as you possibly can.

Obviously we can't go back to teaching until the government relaxes the 2 meter rule, once we have the go ahead we will be on the road plus any instructions that the government advise will be taken.