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Takecare driving continues to listen to feed back from our pupils to make sure we provide the best training available. With this in mind we sent out questionaires to see what they thought of our service. they also provided us with some reviews. Below there are photos of former pupils along with any comments they have made. If you are thinking of learning with Takecare Driving we have the original documents mostly hand written by the pupils and we will be only too pleased to show you them.
Manuel from Roseworth and the Philipines
Go for Takecare Driving, Ron Bray is cool calm,  patient and friendly. He is an excellent instructor, teaching you driving the England way on all U.K. roads. Good to say I passed because of him, his right ways to teach every driving learner students improve their abilities and skills in t
he road. Ron is an excellent instructor. Thanks for Ron Ive passed first time.

Sam from Billingham/ Greg malloys
Thank you for everything. And helping me change my big red L's
into big green P's
Thanks for everything luv Sam

Thomas from Grangefield Stockton Sixth form
Keep up the good work
Always friendly
Very patient and calm even when mistakes occour.

Rob from Roseworth/ Rosy club
Everything was superb, I would not change any thing you do to be honest. your techniques and instruction is excellent
Thanks again it was a please 
All the best I'll keep in touch.


Tiegan from Eaglescliffe sixth form / Ingleby Barwick
I would recomend Takecare Driving to anyone wanting to learn to drive. Ron is such a kind calm, friendly and polite instructor and even when making a mistake would calmly explain what I did wrong and made me suggest what I should have done instead so I had a clear understanding. A fantastic learning experience under fantastic instruction. And I am proud to say I passed first time with Takecare Driving which I am very thankful to Ron for!

Ali Raja Middlesboroug

Thank you Ron you are my boss I am so happy passing my driving test. 
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